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Windmill Primary School

1 Corinthians 16:14: Do everything in love


Leadership Team

Headteacher - Mr D Foulke

Deputy Headteacher - Miss L Towers

Assistant Headteacher - Mrs N Beveridge

SENCO - Miss N Neul 

School Business Manager - Mrs E Turnbull

EYFS leader - Miss N Waterworth

KS1 phase leader - Miss R Stanier

Y3/Y4 phase leader - Mrs N Beveridge 

Y5/Y6 phase leader - Mrs A Wild

Special Provision phase leader - Mrs V Stevens


Safeguarding Support Officer

Miss A Fisher 



 RR - Miss R Redfern

RW - Miss N Waterworth

1H - Miss Humphreyson

1U - Miss G Underhill

2D - Miss H Dandekar

2S - Mrs R Swales

3R - Mrs S Ratcliffe

3SR - Miss S Ranny

4B - Mrs N Beveridge 

4P - Miss C Pearce 

5TW -    Mrs J Thompson and Mrs K Wilson

5W - Mrs A Wild 

6G - Mrs C Gill

6O - Mrs R Otterwell


Additionally Resourced  Provision (ARP)

Teacher in charge - Mrs V Stevens

Specialist Teacher - Mrs H Holdt

Senior Educational Teaching Assistant - Mrs M Hall, Mrs L Howarth, Mrs R Brown

Educational Teaching Assistants -  Mrs C Connor, Mr J Webb, Miss S Glister 

Miss J Deary - Lunchtime Supervisor


Bungalow Provision

Teacher in Charge - Miss N Neul

Mrs L Walker

Mrs J Williamson

Miss A Gall

Mrs R Jones 

Miss C Anderson/Mrs K Birkenshaw


Higher Learning Teaching Assistant

Mrs E Smithson

Ms S Chorlton

Mrs L Walker 


Senior Educational Teaching Assistants

Miss J Williamson (SEN)

Mrs J Normanton 


Nursery Nurses

Mrs A Pinder (Year 1)

Mrs J Scott (Reception)


Classroom Support

R - Mrs G Greenup,  Mrs J Scott

Y1 - Mrs A Pinder, Mrs K Rushton, Mrs J Varley

Y2 - Mrs C Anderson, Mrs K Birkenshaw, Mr P Chorlton, Mrs S Galloway  

Y3 -  Miss J Gibbon, Miss D Senior

Y4 -  Mrs S Markham, Miss A Bailey 

Y5 -  Mrs Z Drury 

Y6 - Mrs J Normanton, Mrs K Tindle 



Mrs K Rushton 



Mrs L Walker


School Administrators

Business manager - Mrs E Turnbull

Advanced Business Support Officer - Mrs A Cookson

Business Support Officer - Mrs S Archer


Lunchtime Supervisors

Mr S Lodge

Mrs J White

Mrs Z Patel

Mrs D Robson

Mrs J Sutcliffe

Mr N Hallas 


Breakfast Club

Mr S Lodge, Mrs J Deary


Afterschool Wraparound Care

Miss A Fisher - Manager & Deputy DSL

Miss E Overend - Play Leader 

Miss S Glister - Play Leader 

Mrs A Cookson - Officer Manager 


Catering Team

KS1 - Mrs J Widdop, Mrs F Hall, Mrs L Fogarty

KS2 - Mrs S Lodge, Mrs H Johnson, Miss A Wilson



Mr N Hallas


Cleaning Team

Mrs K Smith, Miss E Overend, Mrs L Underhill 


We are truly blessed to have a dedicated team who love Windmill C of E and act with love each and everyday.

Do everything in love 1 Corinthians 16:14