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Windmill Primary School

1 Corinthians 16:14: Do everything in love

Parent View

At Windmill Church of England Primary School we believe that having an understanding of how parents feel about their children's life at school is vital to celebrate what we do well and inform our ongoing programme of improvements. For this reason, we encourage parents to let us have their feedback by completing a questionnaire when they attend parents' evenings and using the 'Parent View' website.

When Ofsted inspect a school they take into account the views of parents when making their judgements. They do this through use of a similar online survey called 'Parent View'.

We encourage all parents of children at Windmill Church of England Primary School to complete a questionnaire. This can be done on OFSTED's 'Parent View' website. Many parents who are happy with their child’s school use Parent View to share their satisfaction or to show their support for the school. If you are a parent or carer you simply need your email address and a password to register on the Parent View website. Thank you in advance for taking time to give your feedback. 

You can find our school on the parentview website by searching for 'Windmill CofE (VC) Primary' in the 'name of school' box. We are the first school that comes up on the list. Please check the school's address on the site to make sure you are giving your opinions about the correct school - there are a number of schools with 'Windmill' in the title in the country. Thank you in advance.